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About Mediumship & Clairvoyance

Many people do not understand the many forms of mediumship. Here are some of them as it is most useful to understand the differences between them.


Psychics have a heightened sensivity and consciously or unconsciously open their auric senses to receive vibrational information from all matter of situations, objects and peoples aura. This sometimes embraces what is termed psychometry, that involves handling something belonging to the person for whom they intend to deliver a reading.


Mental Mediums (clairvoyant, clairaudient, clairsentient or a mixture) receive communication from a spirit person. They are a go between a receiver of telepathic transmissions. What they receive comes through the mind. It is why they are called mental mediums.


This word means "clear seeing" and with this gift, mediums can see images of people, animals, places etc. Quite often this gift works with mental mediumship.


The term means "clear hearing". Some mediums are able to receive telepathic thought transmissions than images. They seem to hear a voice from a spirit person, whole sentences or even lots of voices together.


The word means "clear feeling". Many mediums work in this way in addition to either or both clairvoyance and clairaudience. They are able to receive feelings sent by a spirit person, rather than telepathically transmitting images or thoughts.

Trance Mediumship

This is a very important form of mediumship, where the mediums are lightly controlled and are able to speak freely on involved subjects, which knowledge may not be known, by the mediums themselves. Deep trance enables the spirit controlling to completely take over the mediums breathing and vocal cords and use their natural voice.


This form of mediumship is most interesting as the spirit scientists use energies from the medium and sitters to produce a substance called ectoplasm (or energy), which enables a spirits invisible body or part of it to be made visible to the sitters in attendance.

Books to be read:

  • White Eagle - many titles from
  • Silver Birch - many title and other works by Conan Doyle. See
  • various by James McQuitty i.e. Over The Rainbow, What The Guides Say, The Meaning Of Life.
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