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My Life Story

I was very lucky to have been brought up in a small village called Old Town on the hills above Hebden Bridge in the West Riding of Yorkshire, about ten minutes from Halifax and four miles from Todmorden. Clairvoyant,Spiritual Psychic Medium We rented a house near to a farm, which had no gas or electricity and the loo was outside next to the house. We had paraffin lamps downstairs, candles upstairs. A huge fire range, with oven and hot water boiler was built within the chimney breast where we threw buckets of coal into the fire grate which sat in the middle of the range.

My Childhood

I think the house was built about 1850 and it was surrounded by fields full of cows and sheep making their usual noises. We had no radio or TV (batteries were very expensive). My grandmother and grandfather William Martin were retired farmers, she was born in Wigton near Carlisle, he from Peterborough. They lived in a pretty gothic style house with gas and electric, a wind up gramophone and piano, so I had great fun listening to the wireless and playing with the piano and gramophone.

My childhood was great fun, as in the summer we children helped with the haymaking and milking etc, wandering over the moors. I also sang in the church choir in Hebden Bridge about a mile down the steep hillsides to the valley bottom.

We were not at all aware that a great conflict was going on, except for rationing my father was sent to London, repairing bomb-damaged homes in Clapham so we saw little of him until I was eight years old. Also the teachers at school were rather Edwardian in outlook, there being a shortage, as 20,000 were out there "fighting for freedom". In fact, one seeming to me to be very old, taught my mother years before.

Quite often, I used to dream of revisiting my grandmother a quarter of a mile away as I was floating along the road, I used to pick my feet up afraid of catching them on the rough road - I only realised years later, it was an "out of body" experience.

Discovering Religion

When I was 10 years old we moved to a house in Walsden a suburb of the small Pennine cotton mill town of Todmorden (east from Blackpool) where the family had lived since 1812. Moving there from Mossley in the Ashton Under Lyne area Lancashire.

Todmorden,Blackpool,Psychic readings uk

The family had been makers of rollers of iron, used in the cotton industry, then turned to making powered looms until the Civil War in America in 1866 caused a cotton famine, no cotton, no work, no looms, so the works at Walsden closed down. So most of the family moved away, to America, Australia etc, except my great grandfather and his only son and four daughters. Three sons died as children as the winter weather was pretty awful with ten foot snowdrifts and 95% humidity most children caught chest infections. Nowadays snow in any form is hardly seen.

At least in the new home we had gas lights, later electricity. If I needed a bath, I went to one of my posh great aunts in the village, with the luxury of a bathroom.

We moved to a much larger four bed home in Todmorden when I was fifteen. With electricity, with room for a bathroom, my parents bought two homes adjacent, for £600 with a loan from my maternal grandparents. I of course started going out with girls at seventeen years of age. One day Irene said to me "come to church with me on Saturday where I play the harmonium for the hymns". So I went along, it turned out to be a large Spiritualist Church, of which religion I was unaware of 1954.

Meeting My First Physical Medium

Most people knew my grandparents or father, most of them nearly all over forty years of age, a great age for a seventeen year old so I had a big welcome. I ended up sitting in the "Church Development Group", playing the harmonium and being church secretary. Nobody ever told me (as there were no inhouse mediums) how one gets messages from the other world. However I was sitting talking to a church friend one day, when the name George kept coming into my head, also, I saw a tall chest of drawers with very narrow pull out drawers. The man concerned said "that was my grandfather and he had the chest of drawers in his sitting room", I was quite surprised.

Phone psychic reading in United Kingdom

Now I had had communication and had confidence to do more. When I was eighteen I took my first Sunday Clairvoyant meeting, and went on from there.

Physical mediums, even in the 1950s, were quite rare in our part of the world, Manchester twenty miles away, seemed a distant place.

A large city of two million people against our population of 16,000 or so. The physical medium arrived, his name was William Olsen, and he came into the room where we tied him up on a chair sewing a jacket up on him. So the man was a prisoner with a dim red light on, he started to snore which continued for the hour. We sat around him holding hands. Two trumpets flew around in the room with voices coming from them from the spirit people, also a loud voice from the corner of the room from an American Indian, who would inform us what would happen. A small table was tapped on the ceiling four times, one of the trumpets tapped my ear and said "Hello Brian, chin up". I was feeling fed up as it seemed to be talking to everybody but me.

After some time the loud voice said we are going to produce ectoplasm from the medium's body, and a white mist poured out of the medium's mouth going over his body onto the floor which suddenly formed into a hand and arm lifting the sewn up jacket off of the body. When released it floated gently to the floor still sewn up. Then the chair with the medium in was lifted up and came across the room dropping down in front of me. The holding ropes from the medium fell off him and he was free, still snoring.

The Visitation of The White Dog

I keep reading in various newspapers that there is no proof of survival after death "pull the other one, it's got bells on it!"

I have a vivid imagination which the people in spirit manipulate for sending messages, but I saw what I saw. I can only say that after 53 years of being a spiritualist there is no doubt that survival exists.

I took a meeting in Clevelys near Blackpool last year. I made out the form of a Great Dane dog sitting next to a lady, I said "well it looks like a Great Dane, but it's white, so it can't be". Rather indignantly the lady said, "it is a Great Dane, it's an ALBINO", where upon people nearly fell out of their chairs laughing... we do laugh sometimes!

So even our pets come back to us to thank us for the love and care we have given to them during their lives. With us "we advance their evolvement" living in a human environment and live in our place in this world of spirit, where we ourselves continue to evolve until we eventually have to leave them behind to be cared for by others as we progress to a higher state of vibration. We can always revisit them from the higher state of being though, "love is the tie".


My spirit helper is a North American Indian called Stillwater. He assists in my communication with the other world. I first saw him when I was 18 years old. A huge white light appeared at the foot of my bed as I was reading a book. Then the light changed to the colours of a lovely rainbow. In the centre appeared Stillwater with a wearing a headdress with the feathers reaching a long way down his body.

A voice came into my head saying. "I have been waiting for many years for you to develop your psychic abilities and now you are ready, as you can see and hear me". I was quite amazed, but not afraid.

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I have worked in many churches in the north of England, London too where I moved in 1970. During the mid 70s I moved to Brussels and did a lot of teaching and healing, I have always felt it was my second home.

In 1984 I moved to Hastings in Sussex where I am a trustee of the church at Robertson St playing the organ for Sunday services. I also take meetings on the South Coast mainly in affiliation to Greater World Christian Spiritualist Association.

I am also very experienced in telephone psychic readings which I started in 1999. I have a rare ability to see the character of telephone caller's partners, which can certainly be helpful guidance in certain situations.

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